Manufacturer : Sopharma PLC, Bulgaria

Stop Smoking - Effective, Safe and Fast

Tabex is an original Bulgarian stop smoking aid from plant origin intended for the treatment of smoking.It is based on the alkaloid Cytisine, contained in the plant Cytisus laburnum (Golden Rain acacia).

Tabex is a drug of choice of treatment of chronic nicotinism. It is particularly appropriate for treatment of risk groups of smokers with health problems on the part of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as smokers professionally subjected to tension and stress that are predisposed to seek a "false comfort" in nicotine or other drugs causing dependence.

Cytisine's structure and mechanism of action are similar to those of Nicotine, but it has much lower toxicity. Tabex manifests one of the best results to date for the group of preparations, intended for tobacco smoking therapy.

Tabex is very well tolerated, and when applied in therapeutic doses, allows a gradual giving up of smoking without any side effects.

The total giving up of smoking should take place not later than the fifth day after the beginning of therapy.

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